Saturday, January 19, 2013

More firsts for Josie!

1. On January 4th I was feeding Josie some oatmeal when I thought I felt a scraping on the spoon. I checked later and sure enough, she had a tooth! (Bottom left in the middle.) Within about a week she had her next one in, too.

2. On January 12th my mom watched our kids while we went to clean the church in the morning. My mom told me how Josie had been trying to pull herself up to our ottoman. That night I was sitting at the computer and turned around to see this:
Pardon the runny nose, but that's not something you really worry about when your child has just pulled herself up for the first time! I'm glad I took the picture when I did; she fell right after I snapped it.

3. My sister found this online for five bucks:
Twinkle toes
Josie LOVES jumping in it, mostly on her toes as pictured above.

4. Yesterday we were at Costco and Josie was in her car seat inside the cart and she suddenly got really REALLY mad. I couldn't figure out what was going on, so I got her out and she calmed down pretty quickly. I realized that I had never seated her in the cart before and thought she might enjoy it. She went crazy with excitement!
Sweet brother
She was seriously squealing and kicking her legs and just so, so happy! Gavin had a lot of fun with her next to him, too. Thank goodness for those double-wide Costco carts!

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