Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gavin is talking up a storm

I don't know what changed, but suddenly Gavin is trying to say everything. The list I posted a month ago of his two-syllable words is totally outdated. Here are some of my favorite things he's currently saying:

-Look out! (when his trains are going to crash)
-train wreck
-movie (the way he imploringly says it in his sweet little voice is too cute)
-Toby, Gordon, Percy, Henry, Diesel, Diesel 10, Salty, Duck (It's a relief for him to name his trains so you know which one he's talking about. He still won't say Thomas, though!)
-Josie (this one is VERY new--makes me so happy!)


Lori said...

It's amazing when the light switch just clicks and bam! A flood of new words. And it is SO fun when a child says their little sibling's name for the first time. LOVE that!

Kascia and Travis Lybbert said...

Oh Palms! I love your children. You must just love waking up to them. And could Josie be anymore picture perfect?? She is so perfect. I can't get over her. I can't wait to see those kiddos of yours oneday. And now that I am in might be possible. I really hope to be able to meet up with ya'll the next sister outing. Miss ya Palms! Hope all is well. Say hi to Rob boy!