Friday, December 28, 2012

We saw Santa at the mall

We went to see Santa the Friday before Christmas. We went to Provo Towne Center because 1) it's close 2) it's free and 3) we could take our own pictures as long as we were standing outside the gated area. Of course we showed up 30 minutes into his only one-hour break for the day, but we were the first ones in line when he came back!

We had practiced with Gavin for weeks what his conversation with Santa would be. He knew his part well, but he was still a little nervous to get close. I handed Josie over to Santa, and she was just pleased as punch so I directed my attention to Gavin so I could get him close enough to tell Santa what he wanted.

I finally got him sort of close, and I guess just then Josie decided that she was no longer happy with the situation. We got video of her while she was happy, but this is the only picture we got.

Gavin told Santa (from a distance) that he wanted a train for Christmas. He finally decided he was okay with giving five to Santa. That works for me!

After we got home I decided to take a couple more pictures of the kids all dressed up. So glad I did--they turned out great!
This is one of my favorites of them EVER!

Handsome kid!

Sweet girl. :)

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Lori said...

I love the high five from the corner of the carpet, lol.