Thursday, August 23, 2012

Josie's blessing

We had Josie's blessing on July 22nd. Our ward has so many baby blessings that we don't just do them on Fast Sunday; we can do them whatever Sunday we want!

Josie's blessing was very sweet; she has such a great daddy. After Rob blessed her, he waited until the men in the circle dispersed, then hoisted her high for everyone to see. You could just see the pride on his face. :)
On a side note, doesn't it drive you nuts when the baby doesn't get a proper showing? I want to see that cute baby! Just pause for 20 seconds so no one is in your way, then hold the kid up high enough that I can see! That's a pet peeve of mine, in case you can't tell. Josie was wide awake and was such a good girl for the whole thing.

We invited everyone over to our place afterward for goodies, including cookies and Creamies. Yeah, we know how to party. We counted 44 people total in our townhouse! Everyone was a good sport about the lack of space. We only own ~14 proper places to sit (couch, kitchen chairs, camping chairs, etc.) and had borrowed just a few folding chairs from a neighbor, so people were sitting on the floor, standing, and sitting outside, but no one seemed to mind.
(Sorry, Youngbergs; all of these pictures were taken by my sister, so they're a little Palmer-side-heavy. :)
Grandpa Palmer
For my nephew, who's in basic training
Gavin's buddies: Heidi, James, and Dustin
See, it is a great party!
Three of my 14 nieces: Alyssa, Shayla, Arianne
Nice, Savannah!
This is about my favorite picture ever of me with my mom. She crocheted the booties that Josie wore, and it took her all of a couple hours. She's super talented and nice like that.
Gavin did really well, even with the huge crowd at our house. He does NOT like it when other kids touch his stuff, so we were a little worried. Rob had the idea of telling him that we would be having nursery at our house that day, so he seemed a lot more relaxed about sharing. Genius, Rob!
We still can't convince Josie to take a binkie, but that girl LOVES her fingers!
Doesn't she just look like a little glass doll here? I love the dress I found for her; just a knit dress with a matching bonnet. It seems like nowadays, many blessing/christening dresses are like mini-wedding dresses. They can get a bit out of hand! I love how simple this dress is.
Thanks again to everyone who came; it meant a lot. We just love this sweet little girl and are so glad you were there to share her special day with us!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Josie's newborn pictures

I know these are waaaaaay overdue, but here are some newborn pictures of Josie. :)

Isn't she just the sweetest?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Goodbye, Wells Fargo

I have been with Wells Fargo ever since they acquired my previous bank, First Security Bank. Oh, how I loved FSB--they let you withdraw in $10 increments from their ATMs! But I digress.

I've never had any major problems with WF. Sure, I've had the minor annoying fee here and there, but I've always been able to call and have it reversed. Rob and I actually do most of our banking online through USAA, but I've held on to my WF account just in case I needed to do something at a local branch.

This morning I logged on to my WF account and noticed a $9.95 monthly service fee. Hmm, what's that about? I called to investigate and was told that my account requires a monthly $750 direct deposit in order to avoid a fee. I explained to the representative that I am on maternity leave, and thus do not have a paycheck for a while. I asked if she could reverse the fee. After "looking into it" she told me that she could reimburse half of the fee.

Okay, people, this is where I have to pause and make a confession: I am a cheapskate. Big time. I will spend an hour online searching for the best deal on something, even if it only saves me $5. I always calculate the price per ounce, gram, sheet of toilet paper, etc., when deciding between similar products.

With that said, I will spend money when it matters and when it is due. When I buy running shoes, I stick with brands that I know are great even though they cost more because a good shoe is important. I will pay extra for a salad mix because I know I will never get around to preparing a head of lettuce myself. Once I was charged a maintenance fee for a savings account with Wells Fargo because I had canceled the automatic transfer to it, and I didn't argue. That was my bad. It could have been avoided if I had just thought it through.

So in this instance, I can see that I wasn't meeting the normal requirements for my type of account, but I am not in a normal situation. I'm on maternity leave. It seems like they should cut me some slack. I just had a baby, for heaven's sake!

I asked if there was someone I could talk to about getting the entire fee reimbursed. After holding for a few minutes, I spoke with the girl's manager. It sounded like she was willing to take the entire fee off, but the previous representative had already done the partial reimbursement. Apparently once a reimbursement is done in their system, they can't do another one for the same fee. I asked if the refund could be deleted so they could do a complete reimbursement, but she said that wasn't possible. So annoying!

I know it's only five bucks, but I really think businesses should go out of their way to help their customers, especially loyal customers who have been around for years. It seems ridiculous that there was no way I could have been helped. What do they do if they make a mistake when they do a reimbursement? Is the customer just out of luck?

I told one of the reps that it seems kind of hostile to the concept of maternity leave to charge me a fee while I don't have any income. But I know it's not her fault. It's Wells Fargo's fault. Which is why I'm switching all my accounts over to USAA. But the cheapskate side of me is going to wait until I run out of checks.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gavin's picks

What is Gavin into lately?

He LOVES garbage trucks. Our entire day every Monday revolves around being home for the garbage truck. The driver is really nice and always waves hello to Gavin, and will usually run the truck's compactor while he's on our row.

He loves his water table. He'll play with it forever. I was pleasantly surprised that he enjoys it so much because he HATES swimming, even in a kiddie pool.

He likes to stack things. He's generally pretty good at it, but I was particularly impressed by this little number.

It was even stable enough for him to push it around.

He loves firetrucks and really almost any kind of truck you can imagine. Here he is imitating the loud sirens of these trucks at the parade.

He loves tractors (which really are a type of truck, but I loved this picture too much not to include it as its own point).

Most of all, he LOVES trains. He loves playing with his trains, he loves watching his Thomas movies, and he enjoys lining things up and making trains out of anything you can imagine.

I should have straightened that last one before I took the picture; Gavin would hate to see it crooked like that! Sorry buddy! Good thing he doesn't follow my blog. :)