Thursday, July 19, 2012


I made a list of projects I wanted to complete before Josie was born. Sure, I was nesting hard-core, but some of these things had been on my list for months or even years, and they just needed to be done already. So how did I do?

Project 1: Growth Chart
I bought the board to make this around the time Gavin turned one. That's right, it sat in our hallway for a year before I finally got around to doing this project.
I love how it turned out! Now I just have to mark Gavin's heights for the first two years and Josie's birth height on it and we'll be good to go from there.

Project 2: Quiet Book
Horrible failure! My mom had purchased a kit for me about a year and a half ago. When I pulled the kit out and started sewing, I realized that the instructions didn't exactly match up with the parts included. I got frustrated pretty quickly and decided it wasn't worth my time. (This was actually the last project I attempted before Josie's arrival, and I wasn't in the mood to deal with it. :) So I threw the kit away! Don't worry; it didn't cost very much and it wasn't terribly cute. I still feel good about my decision.

Project 3: Make Bibs
Who in their right mind makes bibs when you can buy them for so little? The answer is: anyone who has seen how darling these bibs are!
I found the tutorial here and knew I had to make some of my own. Super cute and so, so practical--these things cover everything! Can't wait until Josie can actually use them. :)

Project 4: Fix Chipped Paint
We had a few dings in our wall that needed to be patched up and painted over. Some were from when we moved in, some were from Miss Clumsy (me) moving the treadmill, and others were just from bumps here and there that are bound to happen when you live in a house for more than a few weeks.
I went to Sunroc and bought some filler for the holes. The texture didn't turn out perfectly, but once you cover it with paint, it's barely noticeable. This is the project I think I was most relieved to get done. It drove me nuts having those bright white holes in our walls for so long!

Project 5: Select Pictures
Not much to explain here; we had some frames that needed pictures, so I picked them, got them printed, and put them in the frames. (Rob hung all the frames--thanks, honey!)

Don't judge me because the frames aren't all level; I didn't have time to straighten them because I wanted to get this picture taken before Gavin saw the camera and wanted to play with it. 
Our upstairs hallway
In our living room above the computer
Project 6: The Boy's Picture Book
I took a picture of Gavin almost every day of his life for the first year, and I made a book with a picture from each of those days.
Technically, I didn't get this one done before Josie was born because I was waiting for a sale on Winkflash's website before I printed it. I had the project completed, though, so we'll count it. And it saved me ~$80 to wait a couple extra weeks to print it, so I think that was worth it.

Project 7: Baby Beanie
I got the tutorial for this one here. Fun side note: I used the fabric from a maternity shirt I didn't like very much. Too cutesie! (The hat is cute, too!)

Project 7a: Bonus Beanie
This wasn't on my list, but I decided to make it, anyway. (I bought the hat at Dollar Tree and did the printing/sewing on the button.) Too bad it's so small that Josie has already outgrown it. I put it on her once and didn't even take a picture. Oh, well.
Project 8: Expired Pills
Do you know what to do with expired medications? Most police stations have a drop box where you can properly dispose of them for free. I cleared out all our expired stuff and dropped it off. Not a difficult project, but one I had been putting off for a long time. I also bought this handy cabinet to hold our smaller bottles and boxes so things are more organized.
So this is what a pharmacist's medicine cabinet looks like!
Project 9: Baby Legs
I love the idea of baby leg warmers, but not the price. No worries; I found a tutorial to make my own here. The hardest part is finding socks that are cute enough. I found this pair at Walmart for about two bucks!
These are still too big for Josie, but I have another pair I made from kids' socks that fit her now and only cost about 50 cents! (They're just not as cute, so I'm showing you the big ones.)

Project 10: Totes for Closet
Fail! This last one was from this tutorial. I have some storage boxes already, but thought it might be nice to have some that are slightly bigger. Once I looked into the cost of buying the supplies and the time it would take to make them, I decided that the ones I already have are actually perfect! :)

Overall I'm pleased as punch--I completed the projects that I really wanted to get done, and I crossed the others off my list so I don't have to stress out about them anymore. What a good feeling to have a fresh start on my project list!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Baby times!

Baby Josie is here! Okay, she has been here for a month now, but it's still exciting news! I'm finally getting around to telling her birth story for those interested. (I really should have done this a couple of weeks ago--my memory is so, so terrible. I'll do my best with the details, but I'm not giving any promises of 100% accuracy.)

Here's my last bathroom mirror prego self-portrait; this was taken on Friday, June 8th.

That morning I was feeling kind of lousy, similar to how I felt the day before Gavin was born. I was scheduled to work on Saturday the 9th, so I called my supervisor and let her know that I wouldn't be able to cover my shift because even if I weren't in full-on labor, I knew I wouldn't be in the mood to stand on my feet and deal with people for ten hours.

On Saturday morning, I was having occasional contractions. They were ~15 minutes apart, but not very regular or terribly painful. I was very glad I didn't have to go to work. :) When you feel like you're in the early stages of labor, what could be better than going to a parade?

It was Art City Days in Springville. Rob had been planning to take Gavin to the parade, so we decided that it would be fun to go as a family since I was unexpectedly available! Gavin had a great time; he especially enjoyed seeing the tractors, police cars & motorcycles, firetrucks, and horses.

My contractions remained steady for a lot of the day and even got down to every seven or eight minutes. By the end of the day, though, they started getting further apart and pretty much stopped by the time I was ready for bed. That was great news for me because I was hoping to get one more night of good sleep before having a baby, rather than being awake in labor all night.

I got some good sleep, then woke up around 3:00 Sunday morning with contractions every ~10 minutes. I got 110% caught-up on everything I could think to look at on the computer--blogs, facebook, emails, etc. My contractions slowly got closer, and these contractions were definitely more painful than the ones I had the day before.

We called my mom around 7:30 a.m. to let her know that we would probably need her to come watch Gavin. We could have waited a little longer to call her, but she has church at 9:00 and we didn't want to risk not being able to get a hold of her. She came to our house and around 9:00 my contractions were coming every 4-5 minutes, so we headed to the hospital.
One last prego pic

They checked me at the hospital and I was dilated to a 4 and 90% effaced. Not too impressive, but better than my visit with the doctor on Thursday (I think I was a 2 and 80%). They had me wait for an hour before checking me again, but nothing had changed, so they told me to start walking.

There is a big loop that goes around the labor and delivery ward at Utah Valley Regional, so I started hoofing it. I was determined that they wouldn't have any excuse to send me home, so I was seriously speed walking. Rob was a good sport and walked with me the whole time. The nurses kept laughing at me because of how fast I was walking. I just figured if I wanted this to actually make a difference, I should really get into it. My contractions were more bearable while I was walking, too. I'm not sure if they were actually less painful, or if I was just distracted, but either way it helped.

After an hour of walking they checked me again. I can't remember where I was; I think I was at a 6 and 95% effaced; the nurse couldn't believe that my water hadn't broken. They had talked to my doctor (Dr. Shelly Savage) over the phone and she suggested I have my water broken by the doctor who was there. I was relieved that they weren't planning on sending me home, which in my mind had been a possibility until then.

At this point they finally checked my platelets to see if I could get an epidural. When the nurse got the results, she walked in to my room with a very serious look on her face. My heart sank. I knew I could do it without the epidural, but that doesn't mean I wanted to! She slowly said, "Your blood work came back . . . and your platelets are over 200." [They have to be over 100 for me to get an epidural.] Oh, what happy, happy news! Not sure what the serious face was about!

My doctor had started on her way to the hospital, but right as she was leaving her house she received a call about a patient at another hospital who was having an emergency c-section. They had already broken my water, and I was suddenly dilated to a 10 and feeling some pressure to push. I was okay with the idea of delivering with another doctor, but I preferred having my own doctor there if possible. They told me to just lay still; the doctor was on her way.

She showed up in her church clothes and just threw on a gown over her dress so we could get going. I only had to push through one or two contractions before Josie's head was visible. Then I didn't have a contraction for a long time--I think it was almost five minutes! It was weird. We all just sat and waited for another contraction so I could keep pushing. On the next contraction I got her head out, and the rest of her came at the tail end of that contraction or the beginning of the next (I don't remember!).

She had a good strong cry that was too, too sweet to hear. They set her on me to clean her off. She grabbed my finger really tightly. What a sweet, sweet baby!

She was born on June 10th at 3:59 and weighed 8 pounds--almost two pounds heavier than Gavin! I knew I felt bigger this time around--it's good to know that was for a reason.

Rob got to cut the cord again; he's practically a professional at that by now. We had some skin-to-skin time and just relaxed together for a while before they took her to the nursery to be bathed and such.

All clean!
That evening my parents came to visit with Gavin. Let's just say it has taken him a while to warm up to the baby. (But he is getting there!)

Ice cream makes any uncomfortable situation more bearable! See Gavin, hospitals aren't so bad after all!

First family photo
Rob took Gavin home on Sunday night, so Josie and I had a girls' night out to get to know each other better.

I wanted to go home on Monday, but the pediatrician wanted to see Josie again on Tuesday morning, so we stayed an extra day. Gavin and Rob came to see us on Monday, and Gavin even brought a picture he had colored. I love this picture so much!

Finally on Tuesday morning we got to head home.
Too, too tiny for the car seat!
Josie just slept and slept those first few days, even when Gavin would run around her bassinet with his corn popper! It was actually pretty hilarious. Man, that would have stressed me out so bad to have a kid like Gavin around when he was a baby! But that's the beauty of having your second kid--you've done this once before and you have a better feel for what you do and don't need to stress out about.

So far life is great with two kids. I am so grateful to have such a good toddler who doesn't throw many fits and is great at entertaining himself a lot of the time. I'm glad that he wasn't "into" Josie when she first came home--it's less stressful to have him ignore her than to have him smothering her. :)

I am so grateful for such a thoughtful and helpful husband. When Josie and I came home, Rob made sure the house was clean and all the little things that matter to me (like having our bed made) were done so I could just relax and enjoy being home. He helps out a ton when he gets home from work and never complains that I don't have dinner ready (which I never do).

I am so grateful that everything went well with Josie's birth. There are so many scary things that can go wrong, and it's such a blessing when everything ends up okay. So far she is such an easy baby and we just love her so much! I can't believe she's already one month old!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gavin's 2 year pictures

We got Gavin's pictures taken on his birthday. It took a while to get them from the photographer and then I had a baby, so yes, I am posting these two months later. Enjoy!

I love this boy's bright blue eyes, especially since neither Rob nor I have blue eyes.
Yep, I was still very pregnant in this picture!

I love this last one with the huge scraper truck tire in it. It just happened to be parked near our location for the shoot and Gavin was really excited about it. I love that it is a unique background for a picture, and that it totally represents Gavin.