Friday, June 1, 2012

Birthday boys, part 2

Building up to Gavin's birthday, we finally decided it was time to chop the ol' mop.
Cool kid enjoying his sandbox
Gavin is very particular about things, so I knew this might not go well. My battle plan for Project Haircut included:

-Bringing a portable dvd player with plenty of Thomas the Tank Engine videos
-Keeping him in his pajamas and bringing a change of clothes because he HATES having a cape on (it makes it so he can't use his hands)
-Informing the nice lady cutting his hair that he also hates having his hair sprayed, so if you want it wet, you have to spray your hand and use that to wet it down
-Bringing m&m's to snack on

Everything went well as she cut the back and sides. He was quite pleased about the opportunity to watch a video and eat some chocolate. Heck, who wouldn't be pleased about that?
Then as the lady started cutting the top, things quickly went downhill. She cut a lot off the front and I don't know if it hit his nose or he just didn't like seeing it, but he started crying. I tried to pacify him with some chocolate, but then his hands were covered with hair and he was getting hair in his mouth when he ate, and that made him really mad. Sigh.

Well, we made it through at last and he looks very dapper!
The day before Gavin's birthday we had his party. Gavin loved his cake.
More specifically, Gavin loved the Thomas toys on top of his cake.
We met at a park behind my parents' house. It was really chilly to start with, but warmed up a bit as the day went on. Much fun was had in the gravel area of the playground with Gavin's trucks and sand wheel.
We drew pictures with the sidewalk chalk.
We got a kite for each of his cousin friends who came. It may have been a bit chilly and miserable, but we made the most of it!
We had a poster with markers and tons of stickers for everyone to sign and say Happy Birthday--I love how it turned out.
On Gavin's birthday we spread a bunch of balloons in the living room to greet him in the morning. (Thanks to our neighbors, the Miners, for passing along the balloons from Milo's birthday three days earlier.)
In case you haven't figured out by now, Gavin really loves Thomas the Tank Engine and trains in general. His new Thomas and Percy engines were a huge hit.

He also loves his new book, Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site. I highly recommend this book for any little guy that loves trucks.
The biggest hit of all was his new garbage truck. Is he a total boy or what?
And finally, a movie that I've been meaning to post for months and months that has nothing to do with Gavin's birthday. Gavin still doesn't say much, but he does know all his letters and what sounds they make. This video is from when he was 20 months old. What a smartie! :)
Happy birthday to such a fun, happy, and easygoing boy. We love you, Gavin!