Thursday, January 12, 2012


I actually have the urge to blog for once--imagine that!! I figured the first post in my official return to the blogging world should be our big announcement--we're expecting our second baby! Many of you already know this, but it's not official until you blog about it, right? :)

So here's the breakdown:
-Positive pregnancy test October 19. (And yes, it was a Dollar Tree pregnancy test again. They really do work!)
-Due date was estimated to be June 14.
-Ultrasound performed on December 2 confirmed estimated due date. Here's a shot of our little peanut v2.0 in action!
Isn't he sweet? Yes, I said "he," but that doesn't mean we know anything yet. I just claim that it HAS to be a boy because all of my siblings who have at least two kids (all six of them) have had the same gender for the first two (or more). Thus, our second child must be a boy, lest I become the black sheep.

Today I am 18 weeks along and feeling really great. The first trimester was pretty comparable to my first pregnancy; I felt gross a lot of the time, especially in the mornings and evenings, but thankfully no severe nausea or throwing up. I think I felt less tired this time around because I was really good at getting 8+ hours of sleep every night, plus the occasional nap during the day. My skin has been much clearer, which I attribute to the fact that I'm not working 40-60 hours per week at a high-stress job with an hour-long commute each way.

When I was pregnant with Gavin I continued my normal exercise routine, which meant running a 5.5-mile course twice per week, plus another day of exercising either on the elliptical or a shorter run. I kept that up my whole pregnancy, and even ran 5.5 miles the day before I went into labor. I like to joke that it was more of a shuffle than a jog, but still, I did it!

I was disappointed that I hadn't kept track of how many miles I ran while I was pregnant, so I decided that this time around I would keep a running log. I didn't start keeping track before I knew I was pregnant, so it won't be for my entire pregnancy, but that's okay. I set a goal to run at least 500 miles before the baby is born. I'm excited--it's going well so far. I've passed the 200-mile mark since October 19 and I haven't had to slow down my pace yet, which is nice. This time around I'm not running more than four miles at a time, but I am running five days per week.

I really miss running outside, but it's just too cold for me to feel okay about Gavin being in the stroller for that long--his hands get so icy! So I have started using our treadmill that we bought last spring, and I am so grateful that we have it! It is so nice to not have to go anywhere to exercise. I just turn on a movie and get some snacks for Gavin, and he's good for my whole run. He is such a sweetie!
I decided to go to a midwives clinic this time around. Last pregnancy I went to the OB who delivered me and four of my siblings, and we just didn't click. I tried to ask him a question once about episiotomies, and he acted like I was attacking his practices and judgment as a doctor when I was just asking a simple question that a lot of nervous first-time mothers have. Besides that, it seemed like the only thing he could think of to talk about with me was my mom. I love my mom and all, but I was the one who was pregnant at the time, so I kind of wanted to talk about ME! Selfish, I know.

Anyway, I decided to try a midwives clinic that my sister went to for her last two babies and really liked. I guess I just have bad luck because the day of my first appointment, I waited an hour and a half before anyone even saw me. Then, their server was down, so they couldn't take my history or do much of anything. Very frustrating. I decided to give them a second chance; every office has bad days and I figured it must have been a fluke.

At my next visit, I was told that only one midwife was in the office again, and they had a girl in labor so she might have to leave before she even saw me. Awesome!! That means that even if she does see me, she'll be in a hurry to rush me out as quickly as she can! (*sarcasm*)

Luckily she did see me before she had to rush off, but she was an idiot. Okay, she wasn't an idiot, I just thought her people skills really, really sucked. First of all, she had to have seen that I hadn't had any history taken, but didn't bother taking one or even mentioning it. I had to ask about the results from my bloodwork because she didn't bring it up.

When she tried to check the baby's heartbeat, she just wasn't pressing hard enough and I could tell. I almost even told her to just push harder because she kept getting my heartbeat instead of the baby's. Here's where things went really downhill.

Midwife: "So Sue was able to find the heartbeat at your 12-week checkup?"
Me: "Yes."
Midwife: "Because usually it's easier to find the heartbeat at 16 weeks than it is at 12 weeks. Have you felt like you are still pregnant lately?"
Me: "Yes."
Midwife: "Like you've still had nausea and the other stuff you had before?"
Me: "Well, not as much as before, but that's normal in your second trimester, right?"
Midwife: "I think we'll just check with our little ultrasound machine to make sure everything is okay. Sometimes when we can't find the heartbeat everything's okay, and sometimes there is something wrong, so let's just check so we know for sure."

I hadn't felt any dramatic changes in my pregnancy before this, so I wasn't super nervous--this is what I say after the fact, but at the time my heart was racing a little bit. But seriously--who asks a pregnant girl if she feels like she's still pregnant when they have trouble finding the heartbeat?!! You work with pregnant women EVERY DAY and this is how you handle a situation like this? Needless to say, I was pretty upset by the whole thing and I am not going back.

I found a new OB to see; my first visit is in a couple of weeks. Wish me better luck than I've had so far! I am pretty bummed because I had my 20-week ultrasound scheduled for the 24th, but now I have to wait until after I see the new doctor on the 26th to even schedule an ultrasound. Oh well, it's not worth dealing with those midwives just to find out what I'm having a week earlier.

We'll keep everyone posted on any news, and hopefully we'll know the gender before February.