Tuesday, August 16, 2011


do you want me to get you anything while I'm in here?"

Monday, August 1, 2011

July is over?

I just haven't been in a blogging mood in a really, really long time. I'm still not really feeling it, but I am feeling the guilt of NOT blogging, so here's a post. So what have we been up to?

The Fourth of July weekend was a lot of fun! On Friday morning we went to the hot air balloon festival. Gavin got really excited seeing all of the balloons. We got there early enough to see most of them get blown up and take off.

They had a Darth Vader balloon that was really cool, along with actors dressed as Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, etc. We thought this was a great opportunity for a really cool picture. Gavin disagreed.

Poor boy!!
"Why are you just standing there with the camera, mommy?! Save me!"
He was okay once we got him away from the mean man in white.

On Monday we went to the parade. My sister, Rachel, and her family camp out overnight to get a good spot, and they let us mooch off of their hard work and sit with them. :)

Despite our best efforts to repeatedly apply sunscreen, Gavin's cheeks were bright red by the end. I was so relieved that he turned out to just be hot, not sunburned.

Relaxin' with Rachel
For the 24th of July we went to another parade. Gavin was very pleased about all of the horses in both of these parades. When he sees them, he points and makes his sweet little look-at-that sound. I just really love the atmosphere at parades--everyone is happy and there is a sense of community and patriotism.

The thing that has driven me nuts this year is all the fireworks! Having kids definitely makes holidays more fun, but it can make holidays more stressful, too. I'm glad we're not in a drought for the first time in who-knows-how-many years, but I was not a fan of all the aerial fireworks that were allowed this year. They are so stinkin' loud!! I tried not to be a total party-pooper; I only asked my neighbors to stop one time when it was past 10:30 p.m. and it wasn't even a holiday weekend. If it's a special occasion or holiday, go for it, but be reasonable about how late you finish. And if it's not a holiday, be considerate of the multitude of babies trying to sleep and give their mommies a break, too!! Okay, I'm finished with my rant for now.

In other really, really big news (seriously, it's so huge it's going to be in all caps) GAVIN IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!! This deserves its own blog post, and it might get one at some future date. I have always loved Gavin to death, but when your baby is not a good sleeper, your love is mingled with this awful dread and frustration. Now that I am actually getting some decent sleep, I feel like a new person and a new mommy. I am so much happier (duh, right?) and completely relieved. Man, this took a long time. Please, please, please tell me that the next baby won't take 14 months! Pretty please!

Here's my favorite picture of Gavin in a while.

We went to a luau for Rob's work party last Friday night. It was fun to see Rob for once; he's been working like crazy! Gavin was a big hit at the party. People loved his onesie and couldn't believe he was keeping his sunglasses on. The food was great and I'm sure the entertainment was wonderful, but we had to leave early to get Gavin to bed.

And finally, to end this post, a list of Gavin's latest tricks.
-Says mama (used to say nana, but now it's mama), dada, banana, moo, cracker, and hiss
-Favorite books are Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs; Belly Button Book; That's Not My Tiger; Head to Toe (he claps his hands, thumps his chest, and kicks his legs); and lift-the-flap Peekaboo books
-Loves to growl and actually has a really good growl. My mom gets him to growl so often that he now starts to growl when he sees her.
-Loves giving kisses to stuffed animals and mirrors. When I say, "Give momma kisses" he shakes his head no. Sometimes he'll give me kisses anyway, and immediately shakes his head no when he's done, like he's just realized his error.
-Loves watching videos on our phones and the computer, especially videos with animals
-When you say, "Are you going to relax on the pillows?" he lovingly tackles them and buries his face in them
-Can point to his ear, hair, nose, eyes, and belly button, waves his hands, and sticks out his tongue
-He is really steady standing without holding on to anything. He'll take a few steps here and there, but prefers to crawl. Today he took the most steps ever--he went from the couch to the love seat at my mom's house, which was probably about eight steps. He was completely steady and did it so easily, but when we tried to get him to do it again, he just got mad. Later today he took some more steps on two separate occasions, but he would just rather crawl for now. He is 100% capable of walking, but only 20% interested.