Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's resolution

I wasn't planning on making any formal New Year's resolutions. I've got a few things in my life I'm working on improving, but I don't think they're worth publishing to the world because either they're too personal, or they're ongoing mundane things. Either way, they're not in any way dependent on the time of year and in my mind don't qualify as your typical NYR. (I just made up that abbreviation, but I think it's totally awesome.)

For some reason, on New Year's Day I had this overwhelming urge to read more books. Sometimes I casually think, "It would be nice to read more." But then nothing else happens. It's just a passing thought. I have decided that this time, it's going to be different!

My first idea was to read 52 books this year--one every week. Then I thought about the logistics of that, and I think it would just become a chore rather than being enjoyable. So I have settled on reading 26 books this year. I think two weeks is a reasonable amount of time to allow myself to read each book. (I know that is pathetic to REAL readers, but cut me some slack!) Also, I can't count any books about babies--I feel like that's all I've read since Gavin was born.

Maybe this isn't a great resolution because I have already given myself permission to quit anytime it isn't fun anymore. But I'm okay with that.

So those of you who haven't already given your suggestions to me: if you have a favorite book that you think I should read, please let me know! You can track what I'm reading by the widget I just added to my blog. I'm starting with Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls. Wish me luck!