Saturday, November 13, 2010

Six months old!

As of a week ago, Gavin is six months old! At his six-month checkup he weighed in at a whopping 13 pounds, 14 ounces (2nd percentile) at 25.75 inches long (25th percentile). He's always been a little guy. We'll see if solids help to bulk him up at all.

Thanks again to my sister, Denise, for being my go-to photographer. I'll keep the chatter light and let you get to the pictures!
Probably my favorite one. :)
I just love how expressive he is! The two pictures above were taken one right after the other.
Checking out his hand.
I love this boy!


Lori said...

Happy 6 months! That's nuts that it has gone by so fast. You have so many cute pics there! the one where he's smiling (4th down?) looks very Rob-esque to me.
He looks perfectly proportioned to me, and that's really what's important for the babies, not the actual stats. He is definitely a cutie patootie.

Sarah said...

Super cute little boy. I love his big ol' smile! And your big smile too!

RobAndLana said...

Wow! Absolutely love this cute little guy and these great pictures. Love your haircut, too, Rebecca!

Brown Family said...

Yay! He wasn't so scared of me that he ran away. Of course, the rolling away would have been much slower and harder ... but he didn't even get mad at me. Maybe he'll scream at me next time he sees my distorted (sans-camera) face ... :)

Anne said...

Lots of cute pics. I can't believe he's so little, but he looks happy and healthy and that's what matters!