Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Pictures

My sister, Denise, is super nice and takes great pictures. She took some family pictures of us last week, exactly five months after we had our first family pics taken. I never posted those pics, so I thought it would be fun to post both sets together to see the difference in our little guy five months later.
[I LOVE his expression in every single one of these next pictures.]
Here are some pictures of Gavin, then and now.
One thing hasn't changed; he still doesn't like this:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Okay, maybe it's been so long since I did a post that I forgot my password to login to Blogger. Oops! :)

This last weekend we took a quick vacation to southern Utah--Gavin's first vacation--check it out!

On Thursday morning we had some family photos taken (my next post, probably). We just kind of took it easy and packed here and there; we weren't in a huge rush because we were on vacation! That afternoon/evening we drove to Hurricane and checked in to our hotel. Friday morning we headed to our first real destination: Zion National Park!
I cannot even begin to tell you how good this baby boy was the whole time! We were at the park a total of about five hours, and he slept maybe 20 minutes. But he was so chipper! It helps that he loves being in his carrier. :)
We tried to keep this trip as simple as possible since we had Gavin and weren't sure how he would do with the strange napping schedule. Also, it was raining most of the day. When we started out it was coming down pretty hard, then finally let up toward the end of the day. The first spot we checked out was Weeping Rock. (The picture above is the view from Weeping Rock; the picture below is a section of the rock itself.)
Even with the rain, you could tell where the water trickles down the rock year-round; it almost looked like mini waterfalls and there were hanging plants growing in those spots.

Next we hiked to the lower Emerald Pool. My brother and his family came just a couple weeks before, and he said this waterfall has a lot more water than when they were there. I guess there are some advantages to the rain.
I absolutely loved seeing peoples' reactions to Gavin. They would just be walking along with a neutral look on their face, and then it would just light up when they saw him. What a sweetie!
His mittens were way too big, so I just slipped them over his hands and didn't worry about getting his thumbs in the right spot. They still looked stinkin' adorable!
Our last stop at Zion was The Court of the Patriarchs.
Southern Utah is so great--we really love it! What a beautiful area to spend our first official family vacation.

The second portion of our vacation was spent in St. George, where my brother and his family live. On Saturday we all went to Staheli Family Farm, one of their traditions they were kind enough to let us intrude on. Here are some of our favorite people, Ryan and Karen along with Ellie by the tire and Katie climbing the stairs. Aren't they a precious couple? :)
Ryan and Karen have three girls. Katie rode this "horse" ride, as well as a real horse later on.
Ellie is a bit shy, so I took this picture as proof that she actually interacted with one of us. (I swear, that really is Rob's hand holding the bag of popcorn.)
Aspen is one of the happiest babies in the world. Here she is with an ear infection--what a trooper!
We did all sorts of things like ride the "cow train."
Gavin just watched this time around.
They had this cute system of water pumps and tubes set up so you could send the rubber ducks from one end to the other. Ellie was quite masterful at it.
Rob did a good job, too, with Gavin's help.
Both Katie and Ellie rode a real horse, we saw a couple of pig races (including one with obstacles like tires to jump through!), heard a really loud donkey braying, saw goats and turkeys and llamas, used the rope swing, launched tennis balls with a catapult, and swung on the swings.
They had a pumpkin patch, but it had been rainy so we didn't feel like trudging through the mud.

On Sunday we hung out with the Palmers all day--what troopers to put up with us for two days straight! Here's a picture of Ellie and Gavin (she is almost 11 months old and Gavin is almost six). You've got some catching up to do, Gavin!
Look, I didn't disappear after all--it's a picture of me!
I made this onesie for our trip; Ryan is the manager of a car wash called Conrad Car Wash.
Here is Gavin's reaction the first time going through said car wash.
He looks a little scared, but he was mainly just fascinated. The blowers seemed to surprise him just a bit.
Here is our sweet ride after our sweet car wash (and before we got caught in the rain/snow junk on the way home).
I really should wash my car more often--I LOVE having a clean car.
We also stopped and saw my pharmacist friend, Lisa. I'm a lame-o and forgot to take my camera, so no picture of her looking professional in her smock. :( It was fun to catch up with her; I'm so awful at keeping in touch with old friends.

This was such a great vacation! It was so nice to spend time with Rob and Gavin and not have to worry about the everyday junk that gets in the way of having a good time. It was great to see the St. George Palmers, too. They always take such good care of us--thanks for everything you guys!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gavin's keys

Gavin likes to swing his keys around REALLY FAST. Sometimes I worry that he'll hit himself in the face, but so far so good.

Gavin's keys