Friday, September 17, 2010


It's my birthday! I'll tell you all about it later. For now, please enjoy one of the best birthday presents I've ever received, compliments of my sweet, talented hubsy.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Someone else's pictures of our new car

Remember me mentioning that we were getting a second car? Well, it's heeeeere!!

I was going to take pictures of it today, but then it rained just enough while we were at Gavin's four-month checkup to make it pretty dirty. So instead, I'm using some of the pictures that were posted online when it was listed for sale. (Not the highest quality pictures, but they'll give you the idea.)

Meet our newest family member!
This is our 2010 Subaru Outback. We love it! The original owners bought it around Christmas last year, then adopted a third child in February so they decided to move from this to a minivan. (They took a hit doing it, and we got an amazing deal!) As of today, it has about 8700 miles. This is probably as close as we'll ever get to buying a NEW car.
Some of the most exciting features of this car include:
-Cloth heated seats--yes, cloth!! I'm just not into leather seats, and I used to live a sad existence where I thought that heated seats were only available in leather. Not so, my friends!

-TONS of legroom. These newer models have four inches more legroom in the back than the older models. That means we can fit Gavin's car seat in the back (with the handle down and everything) without making it uncomfortable to sit in the front. The back seats also recline a bit, making them super comfortable for any adults stuck back there.

-All wheel drive, of course. We really wanted our second car to be good in the snow, and we have heard nothing but good from Subaru owners and their experiences driving in the snow.

-It's just a really pretty car. I know that's such a girl thing to say, but I love how it looks more like a mini-SUV than a wagon. And I've always wanted a silver car!

Some other cool features that happen to be in this car, but I would never pay extra for them include:
-Satellite radio. The previous owner paid the subscription through December, so we get a free trial for a few months.

-Electric everything. I've heard that can be a bad thing, because when something goes out, it costs a lot to replace. We'll see if we have any problems. I do like that the seats can be adjusted without having the key in the ignition (for some reason, I thought they couldn't). I also like that you can adjust the height of the seat.

-Continuously variable transmission. Apparently, this gives you better gas mileage. It's pretty strange to experience--you can tell when the car shifts gears (it's an automatic), but you can't really feel it because it switches so smoothly. I keep waiting to feel that little tug or jerk between gears, but it doesn't happen.

-Heated windshield and side-view mirrors. Those will probably come in handy! Funny story about the windshield: the day before we got the car, the owner got a crack in it! He was nice enough to replace it without asking us to help with the cost, so hey, new windshield!

We just couldn't be more excited about this car! Come on over some time and we'll give you a ride. :)