Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So far in February

Six Months Pregnant
I am six months pregnant as of February 7th. Here's a picture taken that day.

Things continue to go well with Baby Boy Youngberg (still yet to be named). I have noticed a couple of changes since I last wrote about the pregnancy. First off, I am now showing enough that complete strangers will ask me about when I'm due. It kind of threw me off the first time; my first thought was "How did she know?," but then I looked down at my stomach.

I still refuse to acknowledge that I've had any true cravings. Sometimes a certain food will sound really good, but it's not like I HAVE to eat that food and I won't be satisfied until I get it. One odd thing is that I was previously anti-ham sandwiches, but now I really like them. Other than that, I think my tastes have remained pretty consistent with my pre-pregnancy self.

One major bonus of being pregnant is that I'm not freezing all the time. I had heard from multiple people that you're always hot when you're pregnant, but for me I actually feel comfortable instead of cold.

I'm not sure whether this picture does it justice, but my cheeks have permanently taken on a rosy hue. I have been enjoying such oddities as wearing a short-sleeved shirt without the necessity of a sweater on top of that. So this is what it's like to have a normal body temperature--I like it!

Rachel's dog, Daisy, had puppies a few days ago! She's a Chiweenie and the dad's a Chihauhua.

There are five puppies; one girl and four boys. Super cute!

Happy Valentine's Day
For Valentine's Day this year we decided to save money--Rob knows how that turns me on. :) To be completely serious, we are both totally cool with just hanging out together and maybe having some good food and relaxing. It's kind of stressful to go out on V-day, in my opinion. (No offense to those who do go out; I won't judge you if you don't judge me.) We did make some pretty sweet cookies.

We took some for our primary class and I had no idea how popular sprinkles are. I figured the kids wouldn't care or maybe some of them would actually want cookies without sprinkles. Boy was I wrong; those babies were the first to go!

One of the highlights of my Valentine's Day was a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Palmer: Baby Youngberg's first Valentine!