Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009


From: Mrs. Helena Williams (

Goodday My Beloved,

Compliment of the day to you, i'm Mrs Helena Williams by name, and i'm 47 years of age but i'm currently ill with Cancern.

My Husband died in the plane crash years ago, and i'm looking for a God fearing person to help me invest our funds ($10 Million Dollars) for charity purpose as my doctor have indicated that i have a short time to spend in life.

Should you be interested, please get back to me ASAP for i can not really tell what my tomorrow might look like because of my health reason.


Mrs Helena Williams

Friday, September 18, 2009

Birthday, birthday!

For those who don't know me well, let me just get this out in the open: when it comes to my birthday, I am a total spaz. I love my birthday; it is the best day of the year. With that off my chest, allow me to take you on a journey through my wonderful day!

In the morning I was greeted by these goodies on the kitchen counter:

You see, Cracklin' Oat Bran is one of my favorite cereals, but we RARELY buy it because it's ridiculously overpriced and doesn't seem to go on sale more often than once every two years. And all that other stuff? Those are the ingredients to make the homemade trail mix I am addicted to. Mmmm . . .

The photographic documentation of my day has a big gap after breakfast. Imagine a nice, long jog along country roads lined with open fields. Then imagine lots of sitting around, reading a book, playing on them internets, watching my stories, eating delicious foods, and having a delicious nap. (You wouldn't want a picture of that last part; I tend to drool a bit when I nap.)

My sister Rachel and her girls made and delivered some chocolate chip cookies on a Dora the Explorer plate. Sweet!

This is my birthday self-portrait with way too much headroom that I was too lazy to crop out.

And here it is, a picture of Rob and me with the ultimate birthday present!

We saw this picture over two years ago and I LOVED it. At first glance it just looks like a landscape painting, but on closer inspection you will notice that much of the detail in the picture is actually sewn on. Seriously, take a look:

(If you didn't already, click on it to make it all big so you can see the detail.) Isn't that just really cool? Anyway, Rob (xox) remembered this picture and how much I loved it, found it again, and bought it for me! Take notes, husbands, Rob has earned mega bonus points.

We had dinner at Red Robin, one of my favorites. I had a super fatty cheeseburger and ate a gazillion french fries. We had the best waiter we've had in a really long time, so that was nice.

I thought it very considerate of Mother Nature to produce a rainbow in honor of my birthday.

After coming home we watched the season premier of The Office, which was fun. We also played Rock Band with my brother Dustin.

Okay, so we're not actually playing in this picture, but you don't want to see the ones where we are; we basically look really tired and/or bored. Strange. Anyway, Dustin always lets me choose what I want from him for my birthday, and this year I chose a bunch of songs I wanted to download for Rock Band. (Rob and I are kind of obsessed with that game right now. :)

I think some of the things that made my birthday especially great are the things I DIDN'T DO on my birthday:

-Go to work
-Do any dishes or housework
-Go to school/do homework (I realized that this is the first year--beside my mission--that I wasn't in school on my birthday since I turned five!!! Yuck.)

In summary: I had one of the best birthdays ever! Thanks to all who commented on the blog, called, sent emails, and posted on Facebook. And special thanks to Rob for making my day great every day, and especially on my birthday!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hi, this is Rob. This is pretty much just Rebecca's blog, but I have access to it whenever I want (suckas!), which means it's time for me to say...

It's Rebecca's Birthday today! Everyone wish her a Happy Birthday. Show the love, don't be shy!

We're so excited to celebrate her Birthday--Birthday Style! What is Birthday Style? I don't know, I kind of wrote myself into a corner there.

I bought her some presents (I've had one stashed in the basement for almost 2 months), she's getting them after I come home from work. She has no flippin idea!

Love you, Sweets.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pharmacy nerd bliss

I've been telling people for MONTHS now that I'm not sure why Walmart's prices on zolpidem (the generic for Ambien) and simvastatin (Zocor) are still so high. The last time I checked, zolpidem was about $43 for 30, and simvastatin was ~$26. So FINALLY last week a small miracle occurred for me, a girl who loves deals even more than she loves pills; check out our current prices: zolpidem is $5.69 and simvastatin is $5.90! If you get 90 days' worth, the prices are $11.88 and $12.92!! Now if sertraline (Zoloft) would just come down already . . .

While I'm doing a pharmacy nerd post, allow me to share this series of amusing pharmacy stock photos I found (hopefully they're amusing to more than just pharmacy nerds . . . or nerds in general).

Pills are confusing!--No, they're frightening!--No, they're downright maddening!! I think my favorite is the center one, which I am affectionately calling "Pills Nightmare." I think these have really captured the general public's feelings towards pharmacies and pharmacists in general. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

I helped make sure her hair didn't look messy on her neck

The other day I tagged along with my sisters Denise and Rachel to take bridal pictures of my niece, Alyssa, who is getting married tomorrow. It was a lot of fun (despite the oppressive heat). Denise took some awesome pictures with her stellar camera, some of which are posted on her blog.

I wasn't really an integral player in the shoot, but I had a good time and I like to think that I contributed something (see post title). I took a few shots with our (relatively) cheap-o camera, and I really like how this one turned out:

Congratulations, Alyssa and Jace!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Suprisingly eventful week

Last week there weren't ANY hours for me to work, so I was afraid I'd go crazy being at home with nothing to do for a whole week. Luckily, we had a few things pop up that made life interesting.

On Tuesday Rob and I went to the Modest Mouse concert--awesome!! This is the first concert I've gone to since I saw Sugar Ray and Matchbox 20 before my mission. Rob and I have never gone to a concert together before and Modest Mouse is one of the few bands that we both REALLY like, so as soon as we heard they were coming we bought our tickets. I won't go into detail about the concert because I don't think I have anything to add to Rob's post about it.

This is our only picture, taken on Rob's phone.

On Thursday a pharmacist got sick midway through the day, so I drove to Saratoga Springs to cover the rest of her shift. Yay for working and earning money! (I really do feel bad that she was sick, but that didn't keep me from feeling glad I got to work. :) On Friday morning another pharmacist asked if I could cover his shift for that day. Yay again!

On Saturday we went to a wedding reception BBQ for Rob's cousin, Jen, and her new hubby, Josh. It was fun to see and chat with lots of Rob's cousins. Embarrassing as it is, I feel like I am just now remembering most peoples' names and which Youngberg uncle they belong to. Even with my frequent blog-stalking, the names don't seem to stick until I've talked to that person face-to-face. When we left I wanted to take home all of the babies--they were so stinkin' cute! (Sorry, no pictures.)

So, nothing too exciting going on our way, but enough to keep me sane while I wait to hear whether I will get a more regular position closer to home.