Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wintertime exercise can be tough

I worry about gaining weight. In fact, one of my biggest concerns before serving a mission was that I would come home chunky. Those of you who have known me for less than ten years may not know that I was a bit on the thicker side in high school, so these concerns are not unwarranted; when I don't exercise regularly, I gain weight.

Let me say at this point that I am okay with gaining weight during pregnancy. I know it needs to happen and it WILL happen, and that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the possibility of gaining a lot more weight than I need to, and then having a hard time getting the weight off. And besides the weight, it's a really big pain to get in shape. If I don't go running for a few weeks, it's a lot harder to make it through my run the next time I go.

Please don't leave comments on this post telling me about all of the pounds that just melted off your body after you had your baby, because my body does not default to thin, it defaults to chunky. I have come to accept that, and so should you. I repeat: I was not a thin teenager (you know, the time in your life when you're supposed to be able to eat a trillion calories and not gain an ounce? Well, I was a good 20-25 pounds heavier than I am now) and I am only a thin adult through a lot of hard work.

I have been pretty good about exercising so far in my pregnancy. I usually go for a long run twice a week, and do some other form of exercise (elliptical, short run, Tae Bo) up to two days a week on top of that. I think it was a tender mercy that it didn't really snow until last week because I could continue my jogging without the concern of falling and splitting my head open since sidewalks are rarely cleared properly from December to May.

But I knew the snow would eventually come, and it finally did. I was talking to my BFF Sarah Salt Buffington about my snow-jogging concerns and she gave me a fabulous idea. Behold, the Kahtoola MICROspikes!

After researching various products, I decided that these babies were the ones for me. They were kind of pricey, but much less expensive (and more interesting) than a gym membership or a treadmill.

Here are some pictures after my first run with them. They are great for slick and icy spots; you can just run like you're on bare pavement. (Don't worry, mom; I put these on while sitting down and took them off before standing up on your kitchen floor! :)

I didn't need them for my whole run since I could run on the shoulder of the road sometimes and some sidewalks were actually cleared (shocker!), so I would just slip them off and carry them until I needed them again. They are very easy to put on and take off and they are pretty lightweight. I'm so glad that these exist! Now that I've got the proper gear, I just need to stay motivated and keep moving.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blogging bonanza!

It's been a long time, but I've been busy! I have a few things to blog about that don't fit into one post, so today you get multiple posts. Read what you like and skip what you like. Thanks for visiting!


I went to my first hematologist appointment yesterday and my platelets are normal. In the past five weeks they jumped from 84,000 to 280,000. He said that he has no idea why my platelets are low sometimes and normal other times. I'm confused.

A real job

It's official: I have finally signed on to be a full-time employee of Walmart.* I am quite pleased about being guaranteed the number of hours I want every pay period. I am also happy that I now have vacation time and personal leave time (i.e., maternity leave).

I am less excited that I now have to work every other Sunday. Since I got my license in June, I haven't had to work a single Sunday. Now that I'm one of two pharmacists at my location (and the other pharmacist is a bishop, so I don't think he would want to work every Sunday to give me a break), I have to do my part. I am also less excited about the fact that my store is in West Valley City. Yuck. I am not offended by West Valley, I am just offended by its distance from Spanish Fork--my commute time is about an hour each way. There are about seven Walmarts between my house and the location where I work. Oh well, it's just until something closer opens up. And I can look at it as a blessing because this store isn't too busy and I'm not sure a busy store with a high-stress situation is ideal for a pregnant girl.

Overall, I am happy about my decision. Yes, it's strange to think that I got a doctorate degree to work for Walmart, but they are definitely a stable company and I don't have to worry about losing my job. Also, this will guarantee a steady source of extra income until the baby comes so we can pay off my student loans and save up a bit. I really do have a lot to be grateful for.

*In case you're confused, I have been working for Walmart this whole time, but not as a full-time employee. I have been a part-time floater, which means I picked up whatever random shifts at whatever random stores they had for me.

Thanksgiving 2009

Every year Rob and I alternate which of our families we spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with. This year's rotation had us spending Thanksgiving with my parents, who are serving a mission in Omaha. We wanted to visit them some time while they are there, so we figured this would be a great chance! We also got Dustin and his fiancee, Heidi, (who my parents had not met in person) to come with us.
This picture is in my parents' apartment. I am just amazed that we got a picture with all four of us smiling simultaneously! Don't they look great with their missionary badges?

We arrived Tuesday night and spent Wednesday seeing historic sites in and around Omaha. It was great having tour guides who knew exactly where everything was and could give us tons of details about each place we visited. [Disclaimer: the details presented in this post are ridiculously brief. For further details, please contact Rob or Reb. :]

This was Hyde Park (now it's just the marker and a big field of private property). We discovered that my mom likes to take pictures without telling you she's taking them.

Next we went to Council Bluffs, Iowa, and the Kanesville tabernacle. After that we visited the Winter Quarters Trail Center. We watched a movie and had a nice tour from a sister missionary before we were set loose to dork around.

You better believe we were excited to try on the pioneer headgear!

There was a huge gingerbread house display in both the Kanesville Tabernacle and the Trail Center basement. My parents' masterpiece was one of many displayed. It was super fun! (You can tell by the look on my dad's face.)

It's like they knew we were coming or something--these cutouts are right up our alley!

Next we walked around the temple and cemetery (both across the street from the trail center). We went back on Friday and did initiatories--I was very happy to get inside since I had forgotten my recommend! They fixed that pretty quickly by calling my bishop and getting the go-ahead.

It was really great to see all the work my parents have done on the grounds at many of the sites, especially the cemetery where my dad has been doing a lot of work restoring the walkways and such.

Thanksgiving was really great. Rob and I started with our tradition of going for a jog, which always makes me feel better about eating so much. My parents invited the Elders from their ward to eat with us. For some reason, I didn't take a single picture that day, but the food was delicious and the company was great!

Rob and I continued another of our Thanksgiving traditions--Black Friday shopping! We carefully go through the ads on Thursday and decide which two or three stores we would most like to go to. It's just crazy and fun to go out. We don't even care if we get what we are shopping for; it's just entertaining to see so many people so passionate about getting good deals!

We got a few things we were quite pleased about, including the Willow Tree Creche for my nativity set (the last piece needed to complete my collection). I have never seen it on sale before, but we got it for 30% off! We also got a 1 TB external hard drive and some sweet deals on clothes. Good times!

We spent the rest of Friday site-seeing. This is a foot bridge that crosses the Missouri River between Nebraska and Iowa. It was really cool!

On Saturday afternoon we said goodbye and started the long drive home. It was a fun trip and I'm so glad we were able to be with my parents for Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Before Rob and I got married, I went to the doctor to have a physical before I lost my health insurance. Everything was fine, except that I had low platelets. They rechecked them a couple weeks later and they were still low, so they referred me to a hematologist. When we spoke to someone at the hematologist's office, he said that this may be a fluke and that I should wait a few more weeks and have it checked again before seeing a specialist. So a few weeks later they rechecked and my platelets were normal--yay!

A few weeks ago I had my first OB appointment, which included routine blood work. Everything was fine, except that I had low platelets. I was referred to a perinatologist--someone who manages high-risk pregnancies. I figured it would be no big deal, and I even told Rob that he didn't need to come with me to my appointment. We were talking about it and I said, "I'm sure all they'll do is take some blood." The instant these words had escaped my lips, I had a vision of myself being strapped into a human gyroscope.

I realized that I had no clue what they would be doing, and that there was a chance they would be giving me some very bad news. I retracted my previous dismissal of a loving supporter and asked Rob if he would come with me.

It was a stressful week from the time I found this out until I went to the perinatologist this Wednesday. They started out by doing another ultrasound. Our baby has grown a ton in the last two weeks! We saw its arms & hands and its legs & feet, all of which were just little stubs at the last ultrasound. It was great!

The perinatologist told us that I have something called ITP, idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura. [idiopathic = unknown cause, thrombocytopenia = low platelets, purpura = bruising, a common effect of having low platelets] The "I" in ITP can also stand for "immune" because your immune system attacks your platelets, which is why they're low.

Let me just say at this point that I am okay and our baby is okay--that's all I wanted to hear from the doctor! The baby will develop and grow normally and should be just fine when it is born. It may have low platelets since my antibodies can cross the placenta and attack the baby's platelets, too, but they have treatments to fix that if it happens.

The one major bummer is that I can't have an epidural unless my platelet count is over 100,000, and right now it's at 85,000. I can take steroids for a couple weeks before my due date and that should bring up my numbers enough, or in an emergency they can give me a platelet transfusion.

I feel so grateful and blessed to know that our baby is okay. For a short time I wondered if I would ever get to see this little one, to know what color its hair is, to see if it has chubby cheeks. It is such a relief to know that all my hopes and excitement haven't been for nothing. Thanks to a loving Father in Heaven for a wonderful husband, a little one on the way, and the perspective to appreciate it all.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Baby Youngberg

Rob and I are having a baby! In this ultrasound picture you can see its head toward the left, the body toward the right, and a little hand making an appearance above the body. We are so excited! We are especially happy to FINALLY be telling people; we have known for certain for five weeks and suspected for at least two weeks before that. We had our first doctor appointment this past Wednesday and I am 12 weeks along.

Answers to FAQs:
-I am due on May 15th. My due date was predicted at May 14th before they measured the baby, and they said I'm measuring just right to deliver on the 15th.

-I haven't been too sick, thankfully. By that I mean that I haven't had to throw up at all. I have definitely felt blah and there are times when I am absolutely starving, but can't think of a single food on the face of the planet that I'd like to eat. Thank heavens for unsalted top Premium brand saltine crackers!

-I have definitely been more tired than usual. We're talking a minimum requirement of nine or ten hours of sleep every night. It used to be rare for me to go to bed before 11:00, but now it's not unheard of for me to check in around 9:30 p.m. or to not get up until 9:30 a.m. on days I don't have to work. Rob has captured photographic evidence of my sleepiness on more than one occasion.

-I am still working as much as I can and plan on working until I have the baby. I'm not showing yet and don't plan on telling anyone at work until after I have a full-time position secured, if possible. I wouldn't be surprised if the district manager over Utah County chose another pharmacist over me because I am expecting. (Yes, I know that is illegal, but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen.)

-We are planning on finding out the gender, but probably won't know until some time around New Year's. We have a few names in mind that we have always liked (both boys' and girls' names), but we aren't committed to any of them completely. I am sure there will be much baby name discussing going on between now and May at the Youngberg home.

Overall, we are just so excited. During the first ultrasound on Wednesday we saw the baby moving all around and it was the best thing in the world! Thanks to everyone we've already told for your love and support and for sharing in our excitement.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Alien scientist genius from the 70's from the future

Judge Judy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shoulder update

I went to the physical therapist on Monday and learned that I have very weak shoulder muscles. Those muscles (the ones that comprise the rotator cuff) are supposed to support the head of the humerus in its socket. When they're not strong enough, this puts strain on the tendon, which can result in inflammation, or rotator cuff tendonitis--voila!

They're still not sure why I had this awful experience since I didn't have some sort of instigating injury or event. They gave me a therapy band to work out with and taught me some exercises to strengthen my shoulder muscles. I have a follow-up appointment on Friday.

Maybe after I do these exercises for a while I'll be able to do a REAL push-up, and not just attempt a push-up for the amusement of others. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bupivacaine and cortisone: nectar of the gods

*Note to self: do not create a blog post titled "Not much going on," lest you tempt the blogging gods to give you something to blog about.

On Monday, October 5th I got my seasonal flu shot. I was very diligent about taking Snoopy for a ride--do any of you know what that means? I made certain to move my arm around A LOT so it wouldn't get sore from the shot. My arm was pretty sore the next day, but by Wednesday it was fine.

Some time around the 11th my arm started feeling a little bit sore again. It wasn't anything too bothersome; just a bit painful, especially when I raised it above my head to wash my hair, etc. Throughout last week, it progressively got more and more sore. On Thursday it was the worst it had been and by that night I couldn't move my right arm at all without pure agony. I thought maybe if I got a good night's sleep that would do the trick. I tried laying on my back, my stomach, even on the arm that was bothering me, but nothing was comfortable and/or less than excruciating.

On Friday morning my sweet hubby Rob took the day off to take care of me. The major hitch in our plan was that I was scheduled to work from 9 am to 9 pm in Saratoga Springs. I called my boss and asked him to find someone as quickly as possible and that I would work until a replacement came in.

Rob drove me to the Instacare in Saratoga Springs (which opens at 8 am) and the doctor told me that I have rotator cuff tendonitis; something typically seen in someone 20 years older than me. I asked what causes that and he said that in most cases, it is unknown. He told me about my treatment options and we decided to go with a shot of bupivacaine (to numb it) and cortisone (for the inflammation).

The first shot was the bupivacaine, and he injected that directly into the spot that had been hurting the most. I could not believe the pain!! I started seeing white spots, getting light-headed, and sweating profusely. Next he injected the cortisone, but I had checked out mentally by that point. When he was finished he had me lay down until I felt better.

My arm felt better and better throughout the rest of the day. Another pharmacist came in to relieve me around 11:30, at which point Rob drove me home and I took a 2.5 hour nap. My arm has felt fine since then, but I'm still going to do the physical therapy prescribed just in case.

I need to make it clear that I do NOT think that it was my flu shot that did this; I think it was myself being too much of a spaz about making sure it didn't get sore. So what's the moral of the story? Make sure you get your flu shot, but don't be so worried about it getting sore that you end up hurting yourself!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not much going on

Why do I feel obligated to do a post when I have nothing to say? Oh well, here it is.

Not only do I feel guilty for not posting, but I feel guilty for doing a post without a picture, so here's this oldy I dug up. Aren't we just gorgeous when we are tortured with our own coolness?

Anyway, here are a few things that have been happening in our lives:
-I got my seasonal flu shot last week before people started freaking out. (Rob is getting his today at work.) I have had lots of panicked mothers telling me that their pediatrician's office is out of the vaccine. Don't worry, they'll get more. And what do I think of the H1N1 vaccine? I think I'll probably get it . . . if I can find it anywhere in the state of Utah.

-Last weekend we went shopping for clothing and totally cashed in! We got six shirts for Rob (two long-sleeve tee types, two button-down collared short sleeve types, and two polos) for less than $55 after tax! I just love bargains. Nothing thrills me more than finding a really great shirt that we would spend $15 or even $20 on, but don't have to because it's on clearance for $5! HOT!!

-It is colder than I'd like it to be. Okay, that last sentence is true for me about eight months out of the year, but that doesn't mean I ever get used to the cold! It has been nice weather for jogging, though. A couple days each week I have been doing this really great five-mile loop that runs along open fields between Spanish Fork and Mapleton and goes past the new Maple Mountain High School. Have I mentioned how nice it is to only work an average of three days per week?

-As was mentioned on Rob's blog, 30 Rock starts back up tonight. I'll be honest, when we first started watching this show I stuck with it for Rob--it wasn't my favorite. But now I love it! I have been pretty unimpressed with a lot of the new shows that are supposed to be amazing this season. I would mention specifics, but I don't want to tick off any of my friends who enjoy these shows--that's fine for them. All I'm saying is that it's nice to have my favorites come back.

-I'm not sure what I should be for Halloween . . . or if I even have the energy to care. I am excited to live in a real neighborhood where we might get trick-or-treaters. I am definitely going to use this slim possibility as an excuse to buy some really good candy!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dustin and Heidi

I am the youngest of eight children. All eight of us have been married except my brother, Dustin. Well guess what?

Dustin and Heidi started dating a LONG time ago . . . like way back in September. They were in the same MTC district and recently bumped into each other on that ultimate of matchmakers, Facebook. They decided to hang out and a few weeks later decided that they are meant for each other. I couldn't agree more!

My parents, who are serving a mission in Omaha, didn't even know that Dustin was seeing anyone. One night he asked them to video chat with him and gave them quite a surprise!

This picture was taken while they broke the news to my folks last Wednesday.

We Palmers are always looking for an excuse to eat ice cream, so yesterday we had a congratulations party for the happy couple.

I almost caught Shayla with a smile on her face--almost! She definitely enjoyed the cake and ice cream.

The nieces and nephews had a great time tearing apart the basement, just like old times. Their parents were nice enough to make them clean up before they left. :)

Everyone packed in to our computer room to watch a replay of the video chat between Dustin and my parents. We decided that it might be fun to count how many times total my parents said "What?!" Don't worry, though; they were very excited once the shock wore off.

And here is the obligatory self-portrait of Rob and Reb! The party was a ton of fun and we are all so happy for Dustin and Heidi. Congratulations!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009


From: Mrs. Helena Williams (

Goodday My Beloved,

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Should you be interested, please get back to me ASAP for i can not really tell what my tomorrow might look like because of my health reason.


Mrs Helena Williams

Friday, September 18, 2009

Birthday, birthday!

For those who don't know me well, let me just get this out in the open: when it comes to my birthday, I am a total spaz. I love my birthday; it is the best day of the year. With that off my chest, allow me to take you on a journey through my wonderful day!

In the morning I was greeted by these goodies on the kitchen counter:

You see, Cracklin' Oat Bran is one of my favorite cereals, but we RARELY buy it because it's ridiculously overpriced and doesn't seem to go on sale more often than once every two years. And all that other stuff? Those are the ingredients to make the homemade trail mix I am addicted to. Mmmm . . .

The photographic documentation of my day has a big gap after breakfast. Imagine a nice, long jog along country roads lined with open fields. Then imagine lots of sitting around, reading a book, playing on them internets, watching my stories, eating delicious foods, and having a delicious nap. (You wouldn't want a picture of that last part; I tend to drool a bit when I nap.)

My sister Rachel and her girls made and delivered some chocolate chip cookies on a Dora the Explorer plate. Sweet!

This is my birthday self-portrait with way too much headroom that I was too lazy to crop out.

And here it is, a picture of Rob and me with the ultimate birthday present!

We saw this picture over two years ago and I LOVED it. At first glance it just looks like a landscape painting, but on closer inspection you will notice that much of the detail in the picture is actually sewn on. Seriously, take a look:

(If you didn't already, click on it to make it all big so you can see the detail.) Isn't that just really cool? Anyway, Rob (xox) remembered this picture and how much I loved it, found it again, and bought it for me! Take notes, husbands, Rob has earned mega bonus points.

We had dinner at Red Robin, one of my favorites. I had a super fatty cheeseburger and ate a gazillion french fries. We had the best waiter we've had in a really long time, so that was nice.

I thought it very considerate of Mother Nature to produce a rainbow in honor of my birthday.

After coming home we watched the season premier of The Office, which was fun. We also played Rock Band with my brother Dustin.

Okay, so we're not actually playing in this picture, but you don't want to see the ones where we are; we basically look really tired and/or bored. Strange. Anyway, Dustin always lets me choose what I want from him for my birthday, and this year I chose a bunch of songs I wanted to download for Rock Band. (Rob and I are kind of obsessed with that game right now. :)

I think some of the things that made my birthday especially great are the things I DIDN'T DO on my birthday:

-Go to work
-Do any dishes or housework
-Go to school/do homework (I realized that this is the first year--beside my mission--that I wasn't in school on my birthday since I turned five!!! Yuck.)

In summary: I had one of the best birthdays ever! Thanks to all who commented on the blog, called, sent emails, and posted on Facebook. And special thanks to Rob for making my day great every day, and especially on my birthday!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hi, this is Rob. This is pretty much just Rebecca's blog, but I have access to it whenever I want (suckas!), which means it's time for me to say...

It's Rebecca's Birthday today! Everyone wish her a Happy Birthday. Show the love, don't be shy!

We're so excited to celebrate her Birthday--Birthday Style! What is Birthday Style? I don't know, I kind of wrote myself into a corner there.

I bought her some presents (I've had one stashed in the basement for almost 2 months), she's getting them after I come home from work. She has no flippin idea!

Love you, Sweets.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pharmacy nerd bliss

I've been telling people for MONTHS now that I'm not sure why Walmart's prices on zolpidem (the generic for Ambien) and simvastatin (Zocor) are still so high. The last time I checked, zolpidem was about $43 for 30, and simvastatin was ~$26. So FINALLY last week a small miracle occurred for me, a girl who loves deals even more than she loves pills; check out our current prices: zolpidem is $5.69 and simvastatin is $5.90! If you get 90 days' worth, the prices are $11.88 and $12.92!! Now if sertraline (Zoloft) would just come down already . . .

While I'm doing a pharmacy nerd post, allow me to share this series of amusing pharmacy stock photos I found (hopefully they're amusing to more than just pharmacy nerds . . . or nerds in general).

Pills are confusing!--No, they're frightening!--No, they're downright maddening!! I think my favorite is the center one, which I am affectionately calling "Pills Nightmare." I think these have really captured the general public's feelings towards pharmacies and pharmacists in general. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

I helped make sure her hair didn't look messy on her neck

The other day I tagged along with my sisters Denise and Rachel to take bridal pictures of my niece, Alyssa, who is getting married tomorrow. It was a lot of fun (despite the oppressive heat). Denise took some awesome pictures with her stellar camera, some of which are posted on her blog.

I wasn't really an integral player in the shoot, but I had a good time and I like to think that I contributed something (see post title). I took a few shots with our (relatively) cheap-o camera, and I really like how this one turned out:

Congratulations, Alyssa and Jace!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Suprisingly eventful week

Last week there weren't ANY hours for me to work, so I was afraid I'd go crazy being at home with nothing to do for a whole week. Luckily, we had a few things pop up that made life interesting.

On Tuesday Rob and I went to the Modest Mouse concert--awesome!! This is the first concert I've gone to since I saw Sugar Ray and Matchbox 20 before my mission. Rob and I have never gone to a concert together before and Modest Mouse is one of the few bands that we both REALLY like, so as soon as we heard they were coming we bought our tickets. I won't go into detail about the concert because I don't think I have anything to add to Rob's post about it.

This is our only picture, taken on Rob's phone.

On Thursday a pharmacist got sick midway through the day, so I drove to Saratoga Springs to cover the rest of her shift. Yay for working and earning money! (I really do feel bad that she was sick, but that didn't keep me from feeling glad I got to work. :) On Friday morning another pharmacist asked if I could cover his shift for that day. Yay again!

On Saturday we went to a wedding reception BBQ for Rob's cousin, Jen, and her new hubby, Josh. It was fun to see and chat with lots of Rob's cousins. Embarrassing as it is, I feel like I am just now remembering most peoples' names and which Youngberg uncle they belong to. Even with my frequent blog-stalking, the names don't seem to stick until I've talked to that person face-to-face. When we left I wanted to take home all of the babies--they were so stinkin' cute! (Sorry, no pictures.)

So, nothing too exciting going on our way, but enough to keep me sane while I wait to hear whether I will get a more regular position closer to home.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Last night I worked with my least favorite coworker; I refer to him as 'Stachey Tech. (Picture a pudgy 30-something man with an unkempt mustache.) The reason he is my least favorite is twofold: first, he always has to be right about things. Even when there's nothing to disagree about, he will create a debate which he is determined to win. Second, he sometimes says things that are really strange and uncomfortable. Example: once he said that people who buy baby slings or carriers are lazy for not carrying their babies. Right. Come talk to me when your baby is more than a week old and we'll see if you (or your wife) have changed your story.

At one point in the evening it was pretty slow so I called Rob to chat and ask him about my dad's Jeep, which we had gotten inspected for registration. I think we talked about something else then wrapped up the conversation. When I hung up the phone, 'Stachey Tech said something like, "Oh, don't lie to him like that."

Reb: "Lie to him like what?"
S.T.: "You shouldn't tell him lies like that."
Reb: "Lies like what?"

In my mind I'm trying to figure out what I could have possibly said that would fit in to this strange joke S.T. was trying to pull off. The last thing I had said was "love you," so I knew he couldn't be talking about that because he's hard to get along with, but he's not psycho . . . or so I thought.

S.T.: "You said that you love him."

Wow. Absolutely incredible. How does anyone think that is something that you lightheartedly joke about to a coworker you barely know? Anyone who knows anything--ANYthing--about me knows that I adore Rob. I was completely stunned and all I could say was, "Wow, that's a really nasty thing to say." I said this as flatly as I could so he wouldn't think I was trying to go along with his twisted joke. He gave a chuckle, completely oblivious that he had insulted the one thing in my life I know I can always count on: my love for and from my husband.

Kissy kissy on your face!

It's probably a good thing I didn't have more time to think before I responded because things could have gotten even more unpleasant--I'm not very nice when people insult me or make me angry. The other technician working seemed as surprised and confused as I was. He said, "I believe her when she says she loves him!" and the conversation just kind of came to an awkward end. It was unbelievable.

Hey weirdo, mind your own business. And go trim your moustache.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Demolition derby!!

This past weekend was the Utah County Fair and (hopefully) the birth of a new tradition for Rob and Reb: the demolition derby! I have been excited about this for weeks and weeks!

I think the woman behind us is pretty concerned about what's going on in the arena . . . or maybe this is her natural expression since this picture was taken between rounds when nothing notable was happening.

We were really rooting for car 01. My friend Summer's brother, Todd, was driving that car, as evidenced by the Skiba logo on the back. He didn't win the grand prize, but was named the most aggressive driver of the event.

Here's our crew--we took up a whole bench! My sisters Denise and Rachel both came with their families (and lots of goodies to share! :)

This is probably my favorite shot of the evening. The demolition derby is so cool!

This shot and the next are the fruits of my search for Big Hair. I had hoped to see more than I did, but what'll ya do? This picture illustrates The Bump . . .

while this picture shows a classic example of Big Bangs. Nice work, ladies!

This is the winning car, number 44. He was a maniac!

I quickly learned and was intrigued by the strategy involved in this sport. If you have never been to a demolition derby and you get the chance, take it--it was unbelievably fun!