Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We Belong Together

We have this sweet little book called "We Belong Together" by Joyce Wan. We bought it for Josie, but of course we read it to Gavin occasionally, too.

**Note: I do not own these images, I just wanted you to be familiar with them to get a context for this blog post. Please don't be a jerk and copy or print any of these images.**

During General Conference I was relaxing on the couch and Gavin joined me. Rob took a picture because he thought it was sweet.
Out of the blue Gavin gave me a rough-house toddler boy hug and said, "We belong together." We haven't read this book in days (weeks?). I'm pretty sure this is the sweetest thing Gavin has ever said to me and I think he'll have a hard time topping it for the rest of my life.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gavin is talking up a storm

I don't know what changed, but suddenly Gavin is trying to say everything. The list I posted a month ago of his two-syllable words is totally outdated. Here are some of my favorite things he's currently saying:

-Look out! (when his trains are going to crash)
-train wreck
-movie (the way he imploringly says it in his sweet little voice is too cute)
-Toby, Gordon, Percy, Henry, Diesel, Diesel 10, Salty, Duck (It's a relief for him to name his trains so you know which one he's talking about. He still won't say Thomas, though!)
-Josie (this one is VERY new--makes me so happy!)

More firsts for Josie!

1. On January 4th I was feeding Josie some oatmeal when I thought I felt a scraping on the spoon. I checked later and sure enough, she had a tooth! (Bottom left in the middle.) Within about a week she had her next one in, too.

2. On January 12th my mom watched our kids while we went to clean the church in the morning. My mom told me how Josie had been trying to pull herself up to our ottoman. That night I was sitting at the computer and turned around to see this:
Pardon the runny nose, but that's not something you really worry about when your child has just pulled herself up for the first time! I'm glad I took the picture when I did; she fell right after I snapped it.

3. My sister found this online for five bucks:
Twinkle toes
Josie LOVES jumping in it, mostly on her toes as pictured above.

4. Yesterday we were at Costco and Josie was in her car seat inside the cart and she suddenly got really REALLY mad. I couldn't figure out what was going on, so I got her out and she calmed down pretty quickly. I realized that I had never seated her in the cart before and thought she might enjoy it. She went crazy with excitement!
Sweet brother
She was seriously squealing and kicking her legs and just so, so happy! Gavin had a lot of fun with her next to him, too. Thank goodness for those double-wide Costco carts!

Friday, December 28, 2012

We saw Santa at the mall

We went to see Santa the Friday before Christmas. We went to Provo Towne Center because 1) it's close 2) it's free and 3) we could take our own pictures as long as we were standing outside the gated area. Of course we showed up 30 minutes into his only one-hour break for the day, but we were the first ones in line when he came back!

We had practiced with Gavin for weeks what his conversation with Santa would be. He knew his part well, but he was still a little nervous to get close. I handed Josie over to Santa, and she was just pleased as punch so I directed my attention to Gavin so I could get him close enough to tell Santa what he wanted.

I finally got him sort of close, and I guess just then Josie decided that she was no longer happy with the situation. We got video of her while she was happy, but this is the only picture we got.

Gavin told Santa (from a distance) that he wanted a train for Christmas. He finally decided he was okay with giving five to Santa. That works for me!

After we got home I decided to take a couple more pictures of the kids all dressed up. So glad I did--they turned out great!
This is one of my favorites of them EVER!

Handsome kid!

Sweet girl. :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pictures of the kiddos

Josie's six-month pictures turned out really cute. Not too difficult when you've got a baby like her. :)

It's been about six months since we got pictures of Gavin, so I figured it was time. They turned out so great! He is such a happy kid and so willing to smile.

Gavin loves Josie more each day, and Josie is starting to react to Gavin. He can make her smile and laugh and I love it so much!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Two firsts in one day!

Last Saturday, December 15 Josie had two major firsts:

1. First official crawling!!
She has been getting up and rocking for quite some time, but on Saturday Rob and I witnessed actual moving of knees. She still hasn't gotten the complete motion down yet, but she's going to be zooming around any day now.
Reach, baby girl!
 2. First solids!
I wanted to start solids a while ago, but decided to wait until after her six-month checkup to make sure everything was okay with her milk allergy situation. The doctor said she is growing well, so we could go ahead. I have been suspecting lately that she has a problem with soy, too, so I had to find soy-free baby cereal. (fyi, Beech-nut brand does not contain soy or milk, while Gerber and Equate brands both contain soy.)
She loved it!
I started with one tablespoon of oatmeal. At first she had this concerned look. I imagined her saying, "Hmm, what is this? . . . give me more so I can figure it out." She did really well for her first time. The next day she ate the whole amount that I made, plus a little more! Nice work, baby girl!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Two-syllable words: an update

Gavin's current list of two-syllable words or two-word phrases (in order of what he said first, as far as we can remember):
-outside (said for one day only, months and months ago)
-Santa (he's really good at this one)
-cookie (this one, too)
-hot dog (totally random--we never eat hot dogs)
-excuse me
Surely "ice cream" can't be too far behind
That's my boy!